Terms of Service

Bookme is not a Bus operator:

Bookme is a ticketing platform that is only responsible for issuing a ticket. Bookme is not responsible for any delay, cancellation of bus or off boarding a passenger from any bus by any bus company. Moreover, during public holidays, it is highly likely that bus companies cancel departures or cancel operations for entire day. In that case, customer is entitled to either get their seat adjusted in their next order or a complete refund. For that, customer has to raise a complain and request for refund or adjustment. Bookme will verify from the bus company and process customer query accordingly.

1) Bus tickets are not transferable.
2) Cancellation policy for Bilal Travel has been changed
* If you want to cancel or change your booking before departure then you will be charged 25% penalty on your paid amount.
* If you have missed your buss then you will be charged 30% penalty on your paid amount.
3) Cancellation or Adjustment can be done just one time against one order.